Listen | Music, Death and Memory – Jen Cloher and Jo Syme in Conversation

Jen Cloher and Jo Syme (Big Scary) interview each other on music, death and memory. 

Inertia recently launched their ‘Doomsday Jukebox’ playlist, where an artist curates the songs they would listen to on their last day on earth. In October, Big Scary’s Jo Syme curated a playlist and her end-of-the-world mixtape featured Jen Cloher’s song “Hold My Hand” among others. When Inertia asked Jo why she chose Jen for one of her swan songs and she wrote back : “This is the saddest song on the list. I think I chose it just because I would want to listen to it on my last day. It’s a song about being remembered, being loved, existing because there are people who exist and who love you. Jen wrote this true story which breaks your heart for what’s lost, but also celebrates everything that has been shared.”

The team thought it would be great idea for them to meet up and broaden the conversation on memory, death and their link with music and shared experiences. Inertia came up with some questions and they met up at the Pieater studio in Melbourne to discuss, and at CONTROL we’re privileged to share this exclusive audio and film photos from their time together.

Jen and Jo travel through their earliest music experiences, fave bands as teens, and the albums that made their first mark. And it’s through laughter, storytelling and anecdotes, that they take us on a journey as they answer the list of questions prepared for them. Listen to the interview and click through their beautiful black and white photos they took while recording, and find Jo’s Doomsday Jukebox playlist here.

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