Single Premiere | Peach Body – ‘Cross My Mind feat. Zion Garcia’

Today we premiere the latest single from Peach Body, ‘Cross My Mind feat. Zion Garcia’. 

The brainchild of Melbourne musician Mitchell Wood (also half of Leisure Suite), Peach Body is a patchwork of dynamic electronic pop sounds that “embraces a jagged, dirty palette”. Combining addictive pop beats, delicate keys, clicks and glitches, Peach Body’s third single ‘Cross My Mind’ is, as always, smooth as hell. Featuring velvety vocals from Sydney’s Zion Garcia, the track sees Wood continue his run of collaborations with compelling up-and-coming Australian voices.

Sentimental but not saccharine, nostalgic yet future-facing, Mitchell Wood proves time and time again to be one of the most exciting musicians and producers in the country. Living with a painful autoimmune condition saw recording restricted to Wood’s suburban bedroom, but despite limited materials, there are no missing pieces. Wood’s ear for unique combinations and ability to draw on an array of influences results in something truly special.

Check out the latest single below, and be sure to keep an eye out for more Peach Body releases to come.

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