Single Premiere | OK Sure’s ‘Caracal’

Today we premiere’Caracal’, the latest cut from OK Sure’s forthcoming second EP, Pleomorphism. 

The brainchild of Melbourne producer Akaysha Rose, OK Sure runs the spectrum of electronic music, pulling on elements of downtempo, industrial and melodic electronica to create her otherworldly sound that defies convention.

Recorded almost exlusively in Rose’s bedroom, Pleomorphism follows OK Sure’s likewise aesculapian themed debut EP Anamnesis. “The guy I was involved with actually named it Pleomorphism, he was a doctor and I asked if he had any interesting medical or scientific words I could name a future EP, at that stage I hadn’t even intended on writing songs about the experience with him, but as the relationship progressed & inevitably fell apart,  inspiration followed” she says. “Pleomorphism is the ability of some micro-organisms to alter their shape or size in response to environmental conditions, I guess it fitted as I changed in response to what happened, maybe not in shape or size, but I was actually happy for the first time in my life.”   

Get a first listen to ‘Caracal’ below, and keep an eye out for OK Sure’s Pleomorphism EP, out February 2.


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