Video Premiere | Black Lining’s ‘Maria’s Dog’

Today we premiere the latest single from Black Lining. The side project of Twin Haus drummer, Nick McMillan, Black Lining released debut EP Creed Dealer Sessions in December last year, quickly followed by single, ‘Kyneton‘ last monthContinuing this already prolific path, Black Lining returns today with latest single, ‘Maria’s Dog’

McMillan gave us an insight into the tale behind the video, filmed just two weeks ago: 

“…While I was handing out resumes, my beat up old ute got towed. I rang up the towing company and they told me it would cost $550 to get my car back. The car itself is barely road worthy, it was made in 1985. With the last of my savings I withdrew the cash and headed over to pick up my sad old bby. I made a film clip documenting the whole process, and it became the video for ‘Maria’s Dog’.”