Artist v Artist | RAAVE TAPES v Ultra Material

Ahead of their performances at brand new quarterly multi-arts event,  Spill City at The Zoo in Brisbane this Saturday, we got Newcastle dance-punk three-piece RAAVE TAPES  and Brisbane purveyors of dream pop meets shoegaze, Ultra Material together for an Artist v Artist chat.


RAAVE TAPES: Hey Ultra Material, what is your favourite clothing material?
Ultra Material: I’m very partial to a quality linen,it drapes nicely and breaths. I think I read that it can hold something like 20% of it’s weight in water before it starts to feel damp – very important in the Brisbane summer.

RAAVE TAPES: Spill City this Saturday will be showcasing some of Brisbane’s talented designers & artists, did you have any favourites that deserve a plug?
Ultra Material: Honestly it’s going to be a new experience for me, so I’m looking forward to discovering some awesome new people. I am a vintage clothing collector/hoarder though so I will definitely be visiting Spin Dog.

RAAVE TAPES: Some of our favourite artists call Brisbane home, who’s turning your heads locally at the moment?
Ultra Material: I think Deafcult are the best thing to have come out of Brisbane in a while, and we’re big fans of Pleasure Symbols and Cloud Tangle (a recent discovery) who will both be playing our album launch on Sept 14. Although it’s a bit daunting getting bands that are probably better than you to play your album launch, how are you supposed to follow that?

RAAVE TAPES: You’re about to head out on tour, with some excellently curated lineups ahead of you. Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
Ultra Material: At this stage we just have Brisbane and Sydney (I still maintain 2 cities is officially a tour). In Sydney we are playing with Lapse who I’ve known for a few years and we’ve played some ace shows together. I feel like they are our band equivalent of a soul mate, and they always kill it. They said they have been working on new songs and I can’t wait! Snape I’ve only heard recordings of so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them doom out in person.

RAAVE TAPES: If you could go on tour with any Australian band currently touring, who would it be?
Ultra Material: We had a blast playing with Low Tide when they came up to Brisbane earlier this year, and they are all really nice humans, plus the combined excellent taste in music means a tour with them would be pretty fun.

RAAVE TAPES: What do you usually eat on the long tour road trips?
Ultra Material: Ultra Material all have jobs that make long road trips difficult, so we cheat and fly. I’ve made many long road trips up north for family though, and I’ll never say no to some simple sea salt kettle chips.

RAAVE TAPES: Hey Ultra Material, if one of your senses could be super heightened – which Ultra-sense are you choosing?
Ultra Material: Did you know scientists think we have up to 21 senses! I’m very clumsy so I think ultra balance would be helpful so I don’t stack it so much. I’m a pretty practical person, I don’t need a superpower, I’d just like to be able to walk without falling over.

RAAVE TAPES: After Spill City I assume we’ll be spilling out into the welcoming arms of The Valley. Where is your hot tip for a late night boogie?
Ultra Material: Aww man we are all too old to boogie. I’ll be spilling into bed.

RAAVE TAPES: How about a late-night Valley feed?
Ultra Material: The closure of Cyber City has left a 1am dumpling sized hole in the Valley. But Lucky Egg fried chicken and burgers should hit the spot.

RAAVE TAPES: What are your go-to karaoke tracks?
Ultra Material: I’ve only done karaoke once and I think I still need to find “my song”. I am planning another go soon if I can get my courage back, and I’m thinking a PJ Harvey song might do it, but I’m always open to suggestions.


Ultra Material: Hey RAAVE TAPES! I don’t know much about Newcastle except for Silverchair, what’s the music scene like there?
RAAVE TAPES: Aw Newcastle is absolutely thriving at the moment. Our contribution on a national scale had been pretty lacking since Daniel Johns’ heyday, but the tide is slowly beginning to turn. Over the past couple of years it’s been so damned nice to see a handful of acts playing some huge hometown shows & beginning to branch out and make some proverbial waves of their own. Acts like Fritz, VACATIONS, Grace Turner, PALS, Split Feed, Paper Thin, Suburban Haze, Shrimp, Rachel Maria Cox, Dave, Tired Minds, King Single & e4444e are worth a spin.

ps. there’s 4 Newcastle acts on this years’ Against The Grain Fest, you can’t escape us Brisbabies x

Ultra Material: What are your day jobs, and does this influence your music?
RAAVE TAPES: We’re all teachers by day, it’s full school of rock up in here *hornsupemoji* Lewis teaches high school History & English, Joab hangs out with the pre-school kiddlets & Lindsay is at Uni. I think this definitely has an impact on our ethos as band. We’re all super passionate about crowd safety & making sure everyone has a nice time.

Ultra Material: What’s your favourite breakfast food?
RAAVE TAPES: We stayed at Lew’s mums house on the way up to Brisbane last time & we were all pretty proud of our hot brekky collab. We’re talking sourdough toast ft. avocado, garlic mushrooms, tomato relish, haloumi & Lindsay’s famous poached eggos.

Ultra Material: You’ve had some lineup changes recently, did this change your song writing and recording processes at all?
RAAVE TAPES: Oh definitely ~~ Lew brings his much more frantic drumming style & Linds hast some serious pipes on her. v v v excited about our new direction.

Ultra Material: What underrated Aussie bands have you been listening to that you think aren’t getting the attention they deserve?
RAAVE TAPES: I’ve been bumping the new Rebel Yell album heeeeeaps actually. Homegrown industrial techno thank you very much. Also while Kwame is blowing up like 4 July, he’s paving the way for a really exciting hip hop scene coming out of Western Sydney. Raj Mahal & Phil Fresh both dropped new singles last week & they’re like aural Sriracha sauce ~~ s p i c y.

Oh and I’m currently going through another Unity Floors phase – criminally underrated Sydney act. I’m pretty sure they’re big shot lawyers or something? Can everyone please stop committing crimes so they can commit to their music careers? Another album please xoxo

Ultra Material: It looks like you’ll be in Brisbane for a few days for the Spill City show and BigSound, any cheesy tourist plans while you are here?

RAAVE TAPES:  We’ll be ticking off the Brisbane bucket list:
Burgers at Lucky Egg
Pat Homestar the dog
Pay our respects to the brown snake

Ultra Material: Your film clips seem to have a very specific and cohesive vision to them, how involved are you in their production?
RAAVE TAPES: Aw hey thanks, yeah we’re pretty involved in the creative process. We usually come to the director with a fully fleshed out script & they help us make viable.

Ultra Material: If you could put together your dream band lineup, who would you get to play?
RAAVE TAPES: OK we’ll definitely allow Bloc Party, Death From Above 1979, The Rapture, The Bloody Beetroots, North East Party House & Metronomy to support us. I mean if they’re free & stuff we’ll let them check their calendar.

Ultra Material: Do you prefer raving to cassette or vhs?
RAAVE TAPES: Cassette’s remind me of my first ever car aux cord. You know those ones where you plug them in through the cassette player? The connectivity was useless so I think I’m a little scarred. I’ll take the ABC kids VHS memories thanks.

Spill City – Vol 1