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Atlanta rockers, The Coathangers will once again bring their raucous high energy live show to Australia with their second east coast tour kicking off next month. The tour sees the band celebrate their their fifth studio album, Nosebleed Weekend, as well as their 10th anniversary together. Coming in hot after the release of their fourth album Suck My Shirt just last year, Nosebleed Weekend is first record the band have put together outside of Atlanta and was recorded in North Hollywood at Valentine Recording Studios with producer Nic Jodoin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nightbeats.) In the middle of wrapping up US shows, before making their way to our shores, The Coathangers’ Julia Kugel (guitar/vocals) answered some Qs via the interweb about the new record, their upcoming Australian tour and gave us some touring tips they’ve learned over the years.

Hey guys! How are we doing?
Hi! doing great thank you!

Where abouts are you guys at the moment?
We are in Atlanta. Playing a few shows before the New Zealand/Australia tour.

You just wrapped up a US tour – how did you find the shows? Any highlights?
The shows were awesome! We’ve been cruising around the states a lot this year. Highlights would be the El Rey show in LA where we rented those inflatable wacky tube men (like they have at the car lots) and had them going on stage the whole time. So funny to turn around and see one of those guys just dancing behind you all happy. Also the San Francisco show at the Independent was super fun. the audience was very kind and the line-up was amazing (LA Witch and Death Valley Girls). And as always New York ruled at The Bowery. They always take care of us. Overall it was nice to see a progression happening.

You guys are heading to Australia next month which will be your second time here, is there anywhere you’re excited to revisit?
We are looking forward to Melbourne because we made a lot of friends there last time. Byron Bay was really fun too because we went swimming after the show in apparently shark infested waters ha. Touring Australia is just extremely pleasant. We are playing New Zealand for the first time as well which we are all really jazzed about.
How did you find the shows here last tour?
We were surprised at how good the shows were on the last tour there! We had no idea people would be stoked to see us. It was crazy to see our music had reached the opposite side of the globe. Amazing!

Nosebleed Weekend came out earlier this year and it had a really warm reception. It was the first album you recorded outside of Atlanda – you guys went to record in LA so you could work with Nic Jodoin right? How did you find the whole process of this record coming together this time around?
Yeah we wanted to switch things up a bit and work with someone new in a new place – a bit of a self inflicted challenge to ourselves. The process was pretty brutal because we immersed ourselves in writing, playing, recording in an isolated environment. Nic also pushed us harder than anyone else we’ve ever worked with. It was an incredible experience, but certainly not an easy one. I’ve always said nothing worth doing is easy. We are very proud of the record!

The title’s pretty bold, is it a reference to a particularly brutal weekend?
The title is multi dimensional, it has many meanings. Yes, some of it is in reference to partying. but also at the time, Meredith was getting these crazy extended nosebleeds, they run in her family. She even got them at a few shows during the set. Plus it’s a metaphor for paying your karmic dues. The title really is about getting what’s coming to you, perhaps getting punched in the face for being a dick. Moral of the story: don’t be a dick!

I have to ask, Kim Gordon has been to a few of your LA gigs now – is it surreal seeing her in the crowd or have you gotten used to it by now?
Ya it’s pretty nutty. She is the coolest lady we have had the pleasure of meeting and playing with. She actually played with Tomorrows Tulips at our show at Pappy and Harriets. It was really very surreal and cool. It was definitely one of those moments where you look at each other and go, “Well hell! We made it!” and the fact that she likes our band!? Mind blowing. It makes wanna work even harder. We did play Burgerama with Glitterbust and that was awesome as well.

You guys have been together 10 years now and tour pretty extensively around the globe, does touring still feel the same? Have you learned any tips and tricks over the years?
What we have learned is that every tour is different. Even when you go to the same places or venues, every time is a different experience so it’s never boring!
1. Drink water (otherwise you’ll feel even shittier ha)
2. Be nice to your bartenders, sound engineers, and venue crew
3. Relinquish control of everything and just go with it. way more fun that way
What are you most excited about coming to Australia again?
The people are really nice. And maybe we can hold a koala again!

The Coathangers tour dates below.

The Coathangers Australian Tour
Sunday, 2nd October 2016
Yours & Owls Festival, Woolongong

Wednesday, 5th October 2016
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Tickets: The Coathangers

Thursday, 6th October 2016
Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Tickets: The Coathangers

Friday, 7th October 2016
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Tickets: The Coathangers

Saturday, 8th October 2016
The Great Northern, Byron Bay
Free Entry