Artist v Artist | Greenwave Beth v Navy Gangs

To celebrate two super exciting releases from Sydney’s Dinosaur City Records, we got label mates Navy Gangs from Brooklyn and Sydney’s Greenwave Beth together for an Artist v Artist chat. Greenwave Beth just released excellent debut EP, People In Agony last week and Navy Gangs release debut album Poach on August 3 via DCR, so what better time for Charles Rushforth (Greenwave Beth) and Matthew Tillwick (Navy Gangs) to go head to head, keyboard to keyboard in pleasant conversation.

Charles Rushforth (Greenwave Beth) V Matthew Tillwick (Navy Gangs)

CR: List your individual SAT scores, if not applicable then substitute it with your complete passport numbers.
MT: I never took the SAT but I did take the ACT in high school. I think it’s similar… I scored a 20.

CR: This question is a creative writing piece, create a short creative response to a scenario in which you are playing a huge capacity rock and roll show to an audience of cats.
MT: I sing meow, I scream MEOW! but all I hear is crickets, and all I see is green orbs!

CR: Is it true that Big White trashed your house whilst on tour? If so, who’s house (in Australia) will you trash in return and how?
MT: They were actually very nice and neat. I think they showed up to an already trashed apartment. When I go to Australia, though, I’m going to leave my mark! *demon emoji*

CR: What is the easiest way to tour the USA without a visa (asking for a friend)?
MT: Just fly to New York on a tourist visa for sightseeing 😉 then hit the road with us, of course!

CR: What have you all been eating on tour?
MT: Seriously just peanut butter and jellies and ramen. My stomach hurts so bad!

Matthew Tillwick (Navy Gangs) V Charles Rushforth (Greenwave Beth)

MT: You have a lot of cool music videos. Do you do them yourself? What’s the process like?
CR: We have a very good friend named Rudy that we bully into doing all our video clips. He is a very very good director that we can’t afford to pay accordingly: as a result we’ll do literally anything he tells us to do. When we think of an idea at the 11th hour, Rudy is always there to make it happen.

MT: I’m thinking of coming to visit Australia. What are some things I should know about the country before we hangout IRL?
CR: Here are some do’s and don’ts for you re: Australia/Australians:

In conversation:
DO: Use the word “Heaps” as much as you can
DON’T: talk about the Great barrier reef

In travel:
DO: Explore our great wide open lands with boundless plains to share (Eg Fortitude Valley, Frango’s Chargrilled Chicken Petersham)
DON’T: Accidentally end up becoming a Willing Worker on Organic Farm or WWOOFer to extend your visa. It’s like the movie Wolf Creek, but with more grape picking.

In the wild:
DO:  Leave only footsteps, take only photos
DON’T:  Touch the deadly Gympie Gympie plant, a common weed in Australia. You can learn more about it here:

MT: I usually have a guitar in front of me whenever I play. What things do you like about being frontman?
CR: My favourite thing is stage banter. Love to see how an audience is feeling. I get a real kick out of finding out what 100 people thought about the ending of the new Star Wars movie. I’m considering using my position as a frontman to turn live shows into large-capacity market research forums for some extra cash.

MT: Say you just woke up and are about to make breakfast. What record are you putting on?
CR: There are lots of soundtracks to breakfast.

When you wake up late for work and the only possible combination of resources in your kitchen for breakfast create quiches Lorraine – Gotta get up” by Harry Nilsson

When everything is going smoothly, you’re up early, your toast is browned perfectly, your egg yolks are unbroken but you can’t shake an eiree sense of dread – “Uptown Girl” Billy Joel

When you wake up in the kitchen – “Aches” by Kitchen’s Floor

MT: What outside of music inspires you to create?
CR: The city I live in, books and movies, my beautiful friends, Sunday night Beer Fear

Find Greenwave Beth and Navy Gangs releases via Dinosaur City Records here.