VOLUMES REMIXED | Body Type x The Ocean Party x MEZKO

The Ocean Party for our artist portrait series by Savannah van der Niet. Body Type shot by Kitty Callaghan. MEZKO press.

To celebrate Sydney’s Volumes Festival, artists from this year’s line up have collaborated to create a series of remixes of each other’s work, resulting in new friends and new unique reworks of songs we all know and love. Today we premiere TWO remixed Body Type tracks – ‘Breakdown’, remixed by The Ocean Party, and ‘264’, remixed by MEZKOWe had a chat with Body Type ahead of this weekend’s festivities.

How does it feel handing over your musical child into another artists hands?
Like growing your hair out for three years and then wearing a blindfold while a nice person on the street cuts it off for you with what COULD be a pair of sharp barber scissors or COULD be some garden shears, or even a plastic knife/spoon that would be better suited to eating a kiwi fruit. Who even knows what would look best?! Trust is key.

BODY TYPE – Breakdown (The Ocean Party remix)

BODY TYPE – 264 (MEZKO ‘Mez’ Remix)


If you could ask any artist to remix one of your tracks, who would you ask?
Mount Kimbie, won’t you please remix ‘Silver’ for us?

What are the all time best and worst remixes out there?

The best – Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Remix)

The Worst – ‘ABC Theme – Pendulum Remix (3 min track with fade out) proper ABC logo’


Who are you looking forward to catching at Volumes?
The Ocean Party, Mezko, Sunscreen, Gauci, RVG and Gold Class.

How do you prepare for a festival set? Do you have any rituals or tips?
: Perform a samba to ‘White Lines’ by Grandmaster Flash in your living room to give you all the energy you need to play a hot rock show.
Hot tip: 2 hours before you play, fill your belly with hommus, a nice light snack to give you even more energy for your big show. Delicious AND nutritious.

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