Single Premiere | Kythira – ‘Change My Mind’

Today we premiere Kythira‘s new single, ‘Change My Mind’. 

The bedroom pop project of nomadic Sydney/Copenhagen/NY-based musician Alyssa Gengos takes its name from the Greek island of the same name (Κύθηρα). Self-produced on her laptop, ‘Change My Mind’ is a sweetly addictive first taste of forthcoming tape Cut Through. 

There’s a dash of Fazerdaze in the effortlessly cool delivery of Kythira’s up-front story telling, brought to life by twinkling guitar, a drum machine and a “cheap casiotone”. The track’s honeyed vocal hook will be sure to nestle somewhere in the back of your brain for days to come.

In Kythira’s words‘Change My Mind’ “is one of those songs that happened all at once. It was scribbled in a late-night frenzy in my journal and worked out the next morning. I was feeling stuck – I hadn’t written a pop song for months – and so “Change My Mind” was almost a plea to myself to change my thought pattern. There’s a juxtaposition between the slacker lyrics and the conciseness of the melody that characterizes my state at the time (and the mood of the whole album): spending a lot of lazy time in solitude while sorting through my thoughts in search of a better sense of self.” 

Listen to Kythira’s new single ‘Change My Mind’ here first, and be sure to be on the look out for her debut tape, Cut Through out May 30th via Healthy Tapes.

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