Guest Playlist | Various Asses’ ‘Gloss Your Glutes and Flex Hard’

Various Asses is the project of Melbourne’s revered electronic producer and drummer Raquel Solier (Fatti Frances, Palm Springs). Various Asses combines erie, muscular beats and dark rhythms to form her potent brand of ‘body horror music’. Ahead of N*ASSTY Grind at The Tote in Melbourne this weekend, Various Asses made us a playlist she dubbed, Gloss Your Glutes and Flex Hard. Various Asses released a video this week for latest single, ‘Down, Down’ which she modestly neglected to include but we must insist you get around it for ultimate flexing.

“Life is tuff and one must remain empowered, fierce, take no shit. The mind, the glutes, your pecs – these are all muscles one must flex . Here’s a playlist to flex everything real hard. xo Various Asses” 

Various Asses – Down, Down

Rebel Yell – Never Perfection

Keep an eye on the exit! Shit gets weird on the dance floor post 2am. 

Corin – Virtuality

Smoke it – If tonight was a honey I’d spoon them with blunts for arms

Steflon Don – 16 Shots

Sharpen your acrylics, the boss means business. 

Missy Elliott – I’m Better

You died and went to heaven.

Cryptolect – Punished

But you wake up in hell but life’s really fucking good.

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