Guest Playlist | SIMONA’s ‘Summer Lounge Party’

Currently touring nationally in support of her incredible Triumph EP, SIMONA was kind enough to put together guest playlist for us of “songs that make me lust for impromptu late-summer-night lounge room parties dancing to music videos with my besties and few bags of Twisties and getting out to the club.” Soak up these sonic rays and be sure to catch her live in a city near you, dates below. 

Banoffee – Ripe

Banoffee’s music gets better and better for me. ‘Ripe’ is my song of the year so far – it’s got LA beach sunsets and late night Hollywood Hills pool parties all over it. Produced with SOPHIE and comes with an amazing video – this kinda sets the thematic context of a video lounge room soire with a few mates and bags of Twisties.

Zola Jesus – Exhumed

Zola Jesus has been a favourite for since her first record – and never fails to come back with amazing releases – a complete artist for me that is curated all the way; her performances and videos are so inspiring in how to curate. the vocals and percussion on ‘Exhumed’ are everything I love about her work.

Charli XCX – Boys

Charli XCX is always on point in the zeitgeist – whether it’s nuclear seasons or boys in millennial pink. Infectious pop – makes me want to break my drag-show cherry with a few hot drag kings and queer bois. My lounge room is a good start to work on that routine.

Various Asses – Hood Team

I swear the sample of this is taken from the ‘Yuuup!’ dude from Storage Wars. I love this track – all the reasons why the amazing Various Asses turns audiences sideways are in it; also a great way to break down a dj set to throw the DF on its head. Geoffrey O’Connor / Vanity Lair’s video is a good segue into the sexuality and bodywork you can expect at a VA show.

Milwaukee Banks – The City

Amazing bass line in this track – Milwaukee Banks production and flow has always been great – but the way this track swings and slides about is so much fun. ’The City’ is a great driving song on the way to the club; car windows down – or just get ur Uber driver to play it loud.

Boy Harsher – Motion

Boy Harsher’s ‘Motion’ is straight up EBM influenced pop; synth and snare driven into swooning cool-as-fuck vocals. The video is almost a stray sideways outtake from a Blade Runner LA street scene that ends up in an alternate walk home through the East Village of NYC into the blue neon safety of a basement dive bar.

Octo Octa – Where Are We Going? Pt 2

‘Where Are We Going? Pt 2’; good question – and a great way to start a DJ mix. I often I don’t know if I want to go house or techno, so this track gives me a good 9.13 minutes to consider my options – or just thrown on my headphones and turn anything into a very contemplative space. It’s a kinda slow jacking trancey body mover that will make you feel better and restart your night/day anywhere – to find your centre.

SIMONA Tour Dates
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Sydney / 9 September – Loose Ends, Oxford Arts Factory

Brisbane / 21 September – The Foundry

Sydney / 23 September – Soft Centre, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Melbourne / 5 October– Howler

Adelaide / 7 October – Ancient World

Perth / 14 October – The Bird