Guest Playlist | Shoeb Ahmad’s ‘The Most Vulnerable Songs in the World’

Songwriter/producer/helloSquare label owner Shoeb Ahmad recently released “mask-ed”, the first single from impending album “quiver”. Written after Shoeb’s hotel room was robbed – an apparent hate crime in reaction to Shoeb’s new, femme presentation, the track continues to explore themes around gender identity, race, religion, commitment and vulnerability.

Viewing vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness, Shoeb Ahmad put together a playlist of “The Most Vulnerable Songs In The World” as a means of celebrating this. In Shoeb Ahmad’s own words:

“Vulnerability is a complex emotion. We experience it our lives at all times but we only give it attention when we are at our lowest and in the darkest of places. Society tells us that being vulnerable is a weak state to be in, that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to feel fragile. All the songs in this playlist speak about observing fears, experiencing shame, thoughts of resignation and feelings of unease with the world. However, the unifying theme isn’t in the darkness of these situations but in the acceptance of our weakest moment/s and using these circumstances to empower ourselves, turning it into a strength to keep on going.” – Shoeb Ahmad. 

Lap up your tenderness courtesy of Shoeb Ahmad’s playlist of ‘The Most Vulnerable Songs in the World’.

Shoeb Ahmad – mask-ed

Bjork – Hidden Place

Blur – Out Of Time

Sparklehorse – Comfort Me

Deerhunter – Agoraphobia

Long Fin Killie – Pele

Blonde Redhead – Equus

UNKLE – Nursery Rhyme

Everything But The Girl – Hatfield 1980

Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers

Bronski Beat – Small Town Boy

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