Guest Playlist | e4444e’s ‘Youtube DJ’

To celebrate the release of his debut EP, Mr Dover and the Endless Rovers this week, e4444e was kind enough to put together a video playlist fit for a Youtube-based DJ set. 

“Youtube DJing is a well-worn practice between me and my friends. This is a collection of stuff i would whip out on a midnight session and some stuff that’s inspired my music making in general. Skate videos, band interviews and stoned out Neil Young songs” – e4444e. 

The debut EP is a visually inspired, experimental sonic collage project broadcasting from the steel city of Newcastle, Australia. Abstract visual artists, skate films, trees, the beach and vast natural surrounds as some of the key inspirations listed for their music, along with an emphatic desire to create something every day.

The Newcastle artist wooed us with introduction, ‘Luciday’, so it’s necessary we sneak its video into this playlist.  Once you’ve completed his curated video journey, you can stream e444e’s debut EP, Mr Dover and the Endless Rovers in full below.

Neil young – ‘Will to Love’

The first time this song clicked was on a bus in Thailand kinda buzzin on travel sickness pills. Never been the same since.

Willow – ‘Untitled A2’

This song is crazy. The way it’s structured and texturally composed makes you rely so much on your own internal rhythm and imagination to pick up the pieces. Good times at centennial park one night with this tune.

Basil Kirchin – ‘Charcoal Sketches, States of Mind’ 

Basil Kirchin said that “he wanted to try and leave something for young people who are starting in music and looking for something as I’ve been looking all my life”. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else say anything more inspiring about music making than that. This record influenced me a lot when making mr dover, I think of it as a teacher or guide to the album.

Can –’Vitamin C (Live in Paris, May 1973)’

A friend and I agreed about a year ago that Can are close to the ideal of a perfect band. Like the Willow track, I think their songs are structured in a way that creepily abstracts traditional musical cornerstones to a point that makes it unique and personal. I think the more you stray away or twist this commonly used stuff, the more you can connect with the song you’re playing yourself, and the feeling can multiply for the listener if it comes from a true place.

Mark Gonzales – ‘Video Days’

Curation powered by intuition and personal experience.

e4444e Live Dates

Thu 2 Aug – Frank Wild Years, Thirroul w/ Bourgeois Earth

Sat 15 Sep – Golden Age Cinema, Sydney (EP LAUNCH)