Guest Playlist | Adult.Films’ Bedtime Playlist

Melbourne R&B duo, Adult.Films recently released cracking new single ‘Bed.Time’ that traces the experience of “navigating the spontaneity of love, with the responsibilities of a career as an artist”. To celebrate the release, Adult.Films kindly made us a ‘Bedtime Playlist’ that is ultimate self-care. 

“It’s March and you’re still writing 2018 as the date?..same. Is this year going faster than a Tierra Whack song and you’re starting to feel stressed?.. same. That’s ok, stress can be a good motivator sometimes. Take some time out with this playlist, run a bath, light some candles, & re-evaluate what parts of your life are worth that energy.” – Adult.Films

Follow Adult.Films’ sound advice and set in for some ‘me’ time, below.

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