EP Premiere | Jack Thomas – It’s Dying I Want it Dead

Today we premiere the second EP From Brisbane artist Jack Thomas, It’s Dying, I want it Dead. 

The intricate, five-track release from Brisbane artist Jack Thomas (Jack Killalea) is also a collaboration with James Walker and Fionn Richards (Bird in the House, Requin) who lent vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synthesiser, cello, piano, glockenspiel, toy piano and trumpet. It’s Dying, I want it Dead also features vocals from fellow Brisbane talents Vanessa Marousopoulos (Keeskea, Sleepclub) and Keeley Young (Requin), elevating these delicate and dynamic tracks.

The EP ebbs and flows between tenderness, strength and grace as it tackles somewhat heavy subject matter, Jack Thomas explains: “The EP’s central themes focus around my struggles with anxiety, shame and loneliness with love and intimacy, and the overwhelming desire to overcome them. There’s also a kind of realisation throughout the process, that letting go of control, in a very broad sense, helped a great deal more than trying too hard, or inadvertently trying too hard not to try. Its difficult to remember exactly what I was thinking 3 years ago when writing the songs, but listening back to them now I feel the songs were a way of coping with the gradual understanding of our universal “aloneness”, without, and even with, an intimate partner. The only solution I saw in overcoming my shame and anxiety, was then to discover who I was, and to start learning to accept that person. A hard process.”

Stream the EP exclusively below, ahead of its release on Bandcamp tomorrow. 

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