Premiere | Emerson Snowe’s ‘Could You Love Me’ EP + Video

Today we premiere Emerson Snowe’s Could You Love Me EP, alongside the music video for it’s title track. 

Mastered by Andre-Johansson Walder (The Goon Sax’ Up To Anything), the prolific Brisbane artist’s latest EP is his sixth independently released EP in six weeks, with 20+ more EP’s on the Emerson Snowe Bandcamp, released over two months. Emerson Snowe aka Jarrod Mahon, said of the release, “My music is made under 30 minutes and it’s essentially about capturing a moment. I usually get sick of the songs within 15 minutes after I record and doubt myself and my writing, but I have to put them up because that’s how I am with my music for Snowe.”

The Creases bassist’s solo moniker takes a darker, more autobiographical direction for the singer, writer, artist, poet and multi-instrumentalist. The side project began after quitting the drink nine months ago to focus on producing artistically – “It’s total honesty, I have nothing to hide. I was hospitalised twice because of my drinking and how I was within my mental state. There are a lot of references to my drinking, because this change in the past nine months is the biggest change I’ve ever had. Patti Smith’s ‘Just Kids’ changed my life, my girlfriend gave me a copy of it when I stopped alcohol.”

Taking stock of his feelings of vulnerability, the Emerson Snowe project has flourished – “I have never been more happy with myself and content with who I am and my creativity than I have since I have stopped drinking.”

With interestate shows in the works, Emerson Snowe is also set to release a full LP by the end of the year. In the meantime, enjoy this stunning and uniquely honest work from Emerson Snowe.

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