Overheard At Paradise

Paradise Festival on an iPhone siq

Last year we were lucky enough to partner with Paradise Festival – a haven just outside of Melbourne in the stunning Lake Mountain Alpine Resort and it instantly became our favourite festival. This year, it felt like home and we found ourself surrounded once again by an incredible community of some of Australia’s most exciting new artists and the future leaders of the Australian music industry. Here are some quotes from some of the attendees of this magical festival. 

Where the FUCK is my toastie?

Nangs? Ugh… Give me a couple hours.

Yeah I’ll probably stick around, soak up some compliments, eat some drugs.

Are you an official Paradise photographer? ‘Cause I am, on my iPhone siq.

It’s not even that cold. – (During minus degree wind chill.)

I can’t believe I have even more drugs to take. I just brought so much.

If you take acid when you’re pregnant will it fuck up your kid?

Do something! Anything! Ooh soy crisps.

It’s your party. Tinniesss.

I drink so much beer and smoke so much weed everything I do feels the same.

These digestives don’t have chocolate on them. What’s the point?

Maybe I won’t go to Revs today actually – (Sunday morning.)