Interview | Wolver

Savannah van der Niet

Having premiered their first single after a 3 year hiatus just last month through Control, Brisbane’s Wolver are back with their follow up single, Play Dead. Harrisson had a chat to Wolver frontman Hamish Hunter about the new track, Swiss cheese, and what’s next.

‘Play Dead’ was your first release in three years – how did you spend the time away and how beneficial was the hiatus?
A couple of us finished uni, got jobs and traveled around the world for some time so it’s been nice to finally get a chance to focus on writing new material and play more shows.

How do you feel your sound and approach to writing music has changed over the hiatus?
Our sound is similar in vibe and genre to before but with much more thought. Instead of basing a song around a cool riff and trying to make it work it’s more based around the vocals and chord structure for a more full bodied, fruity aroma.

Your new single is called ‘Geneva’ – which artists and experiences influenced you on this track?
I guess my trip to Europe was an influence on this song vocally, hence the name. We had actually jammed on the intro riff before I went across the pond and I remember walking along a canal in Zurich, where I was traveling alone for the first time and coming up with melodies and lyrics in my head. I’m not sure how much of that actually made it into the song in the end as we’ve been playing it for so long, it’s been through a lot of changes.

Have you ever visited and what do you make of Swiss cuisine?
Swiss cheese is great. Get those bad boys on some turkish bread with some salami and watch me go. Holes for days!

How did you find the recording process?
It was a lot of fun. This was our first time working with Steve Kempnich (Morning Harvey, Orphan Orphans) which was great. He did all the production, recording and mixing and helped steer the songs in the right direction. We spend a lot of time mucking around generally so he was pretty good at keeping us on track most of the time.

Was it always the plan to release ‘Play Dead’ before ‘Geneva’? Could we be seeing Wolver building towards something bigger?
I guess we felt like Play Dead was a more appropriate first song to release after three years of silence. And yes, you could say we are building towards something bigger. You should hear our drummers Pokemon cover, it’s magnificent.

This year has already been a big year for you guys – what has been the highlight so far?
We’ve spent most of the year producing and recording with Steve, as well as playing a bunch of shows around the place including a little road trip to Toowoomba for the first time with The Pierce Brosnans, the other guys in the band’s side project. Control’s ‘Dark Party’ in April was a really cool show alongside some amazing bands, that was probably a highlight for us.

What albums does Wolver listen to, to get through the long night of the Winter?
We find cold winter nights to be best for angsty tunes; Title Fight, Cloud Nothings, Modern Baseball and Diiv stacking up this year.

What can be expected from Wolver for the remainder of 2016 and beyond?
Our single launch is coming up this Thursday (July 7th) and we have put together a pretty cool line up which we are all really excited about (Jouk Mistrow, Outside The Academy and The Keepaways). After that we will be playing a few shows around QLD in August, then focusing on some new songs we have in the works.