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Pennsylvania’s Title Fight have returned with their third LP Hyperview, their first since signing with Anti-, Epitaph Records sister label.  A strong departure from past releases, Hyperview sees the ever-evolving foursome delve deeper into shoegaze, previously hinted at with their  Floral Green LP (2012) and Spring Songs EP (2013) and enter new noise jam territory a la influencers Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth. We caught up with Title Fight’s Ned Russin (vox, bass) to chat about the  new record before the band make their way to Australia for a national tour this June. 

 You guys recently announced your forthcoming album, Hyperview which will be your first release on Anti-. How is it being part of the label?
It’s really great. It’s really cool to have such a great roster and it’s an honour to have your name listed next to the likes of Tom Waits and all the other great artists they have. That alone is really cool. The staff at the label are really great, really passionate and they’re really putting in a lot of hard work. That’s all we can really ask for in a label and it’s been a really great experience working with them. I hope it continues to be a really smooth and easy ride.

You guys delved into shoegaze with Floral Green and Spring Songs whereas Hyperview is a lot heavier, more noise jam. Where did this new direction stem from?
There’s definitely different influences on this record. There’s definitely new things, there’s some stuff that we’ve been into for a while that I guess hadn’t found its way into our songs before but the process is always the same, it’s the outcome that is different.

You guys toured pretty extensively last year, have you had much of a chance to play the new material?
No, we so far have only played Chlorine after it was released so we were only able to play it in the last two weeks of a tour we just wrapped up not too long ago in the States. Other than that, everything is still under wraps. It’s interesting, it’s exciting, but it definitely makes me a little anxious but we’ll get to play the new songs soon enough, I guess.

What’s the creative dynamic like between you guys?
It’s pretty group oriented. We’re all involved in the creative process regardless of whose song we’re working on, whoever started it or whatever. The way that we write is, a person comes in with a song, whether it’s something as small as a part or whether it’s something as big as an entire song, we add our own ideas and get it up to all of our standards until we say it’s finished. I think it’s important for all of us to be involved. It’s not one person’s standard in particular – it’s all of ours. That’s the way we’ve always written and I think that’s what gives our songs the attitude that they have. It has a unique vision because it has a lot of different influences and ideas put into it.

Your brother’s in the band as well, did you guys grow up in quite a musical household?
Yeah, it was pretty musical. My dad he plays a little bit piano but he sang in a local choral group- he has a really great voice. My mum doesn’t play as much but she was more interested in music as a good activity for us to be involved in and a good way to learn self-discipline and to be creative. So, we took piano lessons and me and my brothers and sisters all played music and it was the main activity of our household.

What did you listen to growing up?
My parents basically only listened to The Beatles. I have a lot of memories of hearing different Beatles songs in the house. My brother, Alex is seven years older than Ben and myself and at the same time that my parents were playing The Beatles he was us playing Minor Threat so everything came together all at once. He got me into that stuff and it took me a really long time to get involved and interested in that. It was around thirteen that I became involved myself.

What have you been listening in your down time lately?
Recently I’ve been really into the Australian band Total Control. There’s a bunch of bands I like hardcore music a lot and I listen to a lot of singles and demos of new bands and of course the classic stuff. I like some of 4AD’s stuff. Mac Demarco’s cool. He’s not on 4AD but stuff like that.

You guys were last in Australia in 2013 and will be returning this June which I’m sure a lot of people are excited about. Is there anything you’re keen to see or do while you’re here?
I always like to hold a koala. I know that’s very touristy and cliche to say but that’s really cool. That really makes you feel like you’re out of your element. I’m excited to see more of the cities and play more shows. I like playing shows, that’s my favourite thing.

What else is coming up this year that you’re excited about?
Our record comes out soon and then we do a US and European tour and then we do Australia. I’m excited to have a new record, I’m excited to play new songs and play in new places with new bands to new people. Other than that, I don’t know. Try and read some books, see some bands play and keep myself busy. That’s all I really have planned for the year.

Hyperview is out now via ANTI-.  Title Fight’s Australian tour dates below. 

Title Fight – 2015 Australian Tour (Tickets on sale now)

Friday, 19th June 2015

The Brightside, Brisbane
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, 20th June 2015
The Lab, Brisbane (All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Sunday, 21st June 2015
YAC, Byron Bay (All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Tuesday, 23rd June 2015
The Small Ballroom, Newcastle
Tickets: Oztix

Wednesday, 24th June 2015
Factory Theatre, Sydney (Lic / All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Thursday, 25th June 2015
City Club, Canberra (Lic / All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Friday, 26th June 2015
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: Corner Hotel

Saturday, 27th June 2015
Phoenix Youth Centre, Melbourne (All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Sunday, 28th June 2015
The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart (Lic / All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Tuesday, 30th June 2015
Uni Bar, Adelaide (Lic / All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix

Wednesday, 1st July 2015
Amplifier, Perth
Tickets: Oztix

Thursday, 2nd July 2015
YMCA HQ, Perth (All Ages)
Tickets: Oztix