Q&A: Guerre

Lavurn Lee answered a quick Q&A in the lead up to his last performance as Guerre at OutsideIn Festival. 

Hey Lavurn, how has your day been so far?
Fine. There are no clouds in the sky.

Your debut album ‘Ex Nihilo’ came out a few months ago, when did the record come together?
I was just living my life and recording things in a computer. And it’s a collection of that stuff.

You recently announced OutsideIn will be your last show as Guerre, and that you’ll be focusing on other projects Cassius Select and Black Vanilla – what sparked the decision?
I wanted to do it for ages. The name sucks.

For people who are unfamiliar, could you explain a bit about what you’re working on with these projects?
I do the same thing in each project. I provide vocals and production and movement.

When did you first get into making music?
I first got into it when my brother gave me a pirated Herbaliser cd-r.

When did you first pick up an instrument?
I picked up a guitar once….only to put it down shortly afterwards.

What did you growing up listening to?
The sound of sneakers squeaking over gym floors.

What kind of stuff do you listen to in your down time?

What kind of stuff do you listen to in your down time?
Jazz Cartier

What’s coming up that you’re looking forward to?
That new D’Angelo album.

Guerre plays OutsideIn Festival on November 29 in Sydney, tickets on sale here.