Interview | PINS

Two years since the release of their debut album, Girls Like Us, Manchester based four-piece PINS have just dropped their sophomore album, Wild Nights, recorded in Joshua tree at Rancho de la Luna with producer Dave Catching (QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal). Amongst touring relentlessly on their own headline tours, PINS have supported the likes of Sleater-Kinney, Warpaint, Sleigh Bells and Babes in Toyland, as well as running their own record label Haus Of Pins since 2013. We had a chat with PINS’ Faith Holgateon (vocals/guitar) on the eve of their huge US headline tour.

Where abouts are you at the moment?
New York.

You guys are playing a gig at Rough Trade there on Saturday right? Have you guys just been hanging out since you’ve been there so far?
Yeah yesterday we were just hanging out and today we’ve been doing some promo so we’ve had an interesting day of rushing around and doing acoustic sessions and now we’re just sat looking at the river.

So Wild Nights came out last week, how have you been finding the response so far?
It’s been really positive and a lot of people saying nice things. We don’t tend to read the reviews so much but more gauge how we’re doing from the reaction we get from the people in the audience. We played a show at the Lexington in London and everyone was dancing and everyone got on stage at the end and if people are having a good time to our music then I’m happy.

Is there anywhere you’re really keen to head to on this US tour?
I like New York a lot so I’m happy  to be here but there’s a bunch of places we’ve never been to before like Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City… I don’t know what they hold but I’m excited to find out.

You guys recorded in the US in Joshua Tree, how did you find that whole experience being there?
It was incredible. It was really the opposite of recording in Manchester. The environment was so different, it felt more spiritual and calming and we were in a completely different head space. It’s a totally different time zone so we felt like we were on a different level, it was nothing like being at home. We could just really focus on what we were doing.

What was it like working with Dave Catching?
Yeah he co-produced with us. We didn’t know him personally beforehand so it was an experience. We showed up at 3am and he welcomed us with wine and invited us back for breakfast the next day and then we laid down three songs on the first day.

Had you guys finished writing the album before you went in to the studio?
We started writing it immediately after we finished writing the first one. We never really stopped. So obviously a lot of the songs we wrote weren’t used on the album, we filtered out ones we didn’t want to use but we never really stopped, it was a continuation. It’s always the same formula. I tend to write all of the lyrics, sometimes Lois will write something, we send each other demos and then on other occasions we’ll all get together, get a few drinks and go to our practise space and see what happens. Just record little demos. But we had it all prepared before we went to the desert because we were only there for seven days.

Your latest single you guys have put out, “Young Girls” deals with the idea of that transitional period of making a creative dream happen and the frustration and eagerness that comes with it which a lot of young women including myself can relate to…
Yeah, I guess it’s that idea of boredom and then adventure and freedom at a certain age but not knowing what to do with it. It’s a bit related to Manchester – “Watching the rain / Everybody looks the same” – it’s tedious day in day out, go to work , come home. Just that thing that people go through, that cycle of life, it’s boring. The escapism for me is this band and it is changing your life and being able to do whatever you want to do.

What kind of stuff did you listen to growing up?
Well, I liked lots of Seattle grunge music. Riot Grrl music. I missed all of that time because I’m not old enough but I got into it when I was a teenager. I still felt the same way that I imagine people felt when it first came out. You know when you first hear Nirvana or Hole, you get really excited, it made me want to be in a band.

What have you been listening to lately?
I’ve started listening to Perfume Genius someone put it on in the van and I became obsessed. I’ve been listening to Hookworms from Leeds, I like them. Timbre Tombre… Drenge – we just recently did a tour with them so I’ve been listening to their album a lot.

What’s coming up after this US tour for you guys?
After we’ve done this, we go home for a few days then we go and then we have a few festivals in Oslow and Gothenburg and some places in Italy, that’s over the summer. Then we’re going to do a UK tour in Autumn and then maybe we’ll come to Australia at some point…

Wild Nights is out now via Bella Union/[PIAS]