Interview | Parcels

2015 was a big year for Byron born five-piece, Parcels. After relocating to Berlin, the band released their debut Clockscared EP, a charismatic summary of the bands personality and intricate instrumentation.  For fans of Toro Y Moi and Moullinex, Parcels electronica infused brand of indie-pop is the perfect soundscape for chilled afternoons and summertime beers. I spoke to the band last week about their life abroad, art in music and European festival life.

Hey guys, so you’re a band all originally from Byron Bay and now based in Berlin. How was that move for you as friends, musicians and people?
Overall it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve ever had, both as individuals and also as a band. When we first arrived we all lived together in a one bedroom apartment with two double beds. These kind of experiences have (quite literally) brought us together.

What was it about Berlin that was the drawcard away from your hometown and even Australia as a whole?
We wanted to move to Europe because Australia is such an isolated scene particularly on the live circuit. Berlin captured our imaginations most, it’s a great hub of anything you can call Art, Its cheap, very central to Europe and full of opportunity. But, more so, we love techno and we hate sunlight.

Do you think your upbringing as you were developing as musicians impacts your music now?
Absolutely. We all come from one of the most beautiful surf towns in Australia, and that of course means most of us have eccentric parents. This has given way for so many influences to poke through. Music has been a huge part in all our childhood upbringings and I think the nostalgia shines through in our music.

I really do appreciate a band with a distinct style, aesthetic and personality. How do you interact between aesthetic and visual elements when sharing your music online – seen especially in your EP cover?
We are very inspired with this topic. You need visual content and concept that blends well with the music, and it’s been a huge thought process with our first E.P and our overall presentation. We put much thought into each visual decision and consider this aspect just as important as the music. The cover art felt like a natural blend, created by Pat’s uncle Guy Hetherington.

You’ve had a few hundred thousand plays on your tunes on Spotify. Where did they come from? Give me your thoughts on the internet and how it influences the consumption of your music.
I believe most have come from Europe, especially Germany and France. I guess it’s where the Disco scene is really! It’s just completely different now with such accessible online streaming. It’s easy to get bogged down on the negatives of the topic, but I like to see the easy access as positive. Plus we get to see exactly where our fans are!

What has touring been like in Europe? Where’s been the most exciting shows?
Ridiculous to sum it up. A particular show that comes to mind is a gig we played for Fusion Festival. Our stage was an ex Soviet war-plane hangar, most of the crowd was hallucinating in some sense and it was our first European festival so we had a ball!

Who’s one act in Berlin, one act in Europe and one act from Byron Bay that you think will make big moves in the next year or 3?
The Footprint Project are a band from Potsdam but they play frequently in Berlin. Those guys put on a great live show and their tireless beatboxer is off the chain. In Europe we’re loving French disco band L’impératrice and for Byron Bay it’d have to be metal band Prowler, they’re ridiculously cool and certainly don’t share any members with Parcels.

Playing any shows soon? Anything major in the works?
Yes! Next show is a Kitsuné showcase at Miranda Ace Hotel, London. 16/01/16. Very Excited for that. We will remain very sneaky with what else coming up as that’s more fun for us… But one thing is for sure, we are very pumped for 2016!

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