Interview | KLLO

After releasing their debut track, ‘Make Me Wonder’, Melbourne duo Klo were picked up by Remote Control imprint Dot Dash, before they’d played their first live show. Since then, the cousins whose musical pairing was the work of their encouraging mothers, have just performed their stunning debut EP Cusp on tour in the UK and Europe, where they took stage at Primavera Sound, followed by an appearance at Dark Mofo in Hobart. I had a chat to Klo’s Chloe Kaul before the duo make their first Splendour in the Grass appearance at the Red Bull Music Academy stage.  

You guys only just got back from the UK and European tour, how’d you find the whole experience?
It was so fun. It was incredible.

Was there a standout show for you?
Definitely Primavera Festival. We played to quite a big crowd and the sun was setting. It was one of those ones I’ll always remember.

I saw you guys at Paradise Festival last year now you’re playing huge stages like Primavera – how do you prepare for a festival like that?
I was pretty nervous before Primavera but I found a way to settle myself and I think because it was such an organised festval and the sound was so amazing, it was kind of the same feeling just magnified.

You guys just played Dark Mofo last weekend as well which must have been amazing…
That was incredible, an amazing festival just in itself and they did really cool visuals for us. When we arrived they gave us a coriander face cream and all these things, it was really nice.

Did you get to have any input in the visual components or was it all curated for you?
Well, that’s what’s funny, we didn’t. We didn’t even know we were having visuals but the visuals were spot on. They put our EP cover in it and they really put some thought into it.

Your EP Cusp was met with a lot of praise and you guys signed to Dot Dash fairly early on, has the way you guys work together changed at all since writing Cusp?
Yeah, I think because every song that was released at that point was every song we’d ever made. I think we’re just developing as time goes on and we’re working together every time now. We do everything in the same room in the bungalow. It’s really good, we’re comfortable now.

When was your interest in making music first sparked – I know you have a classical background?
I think because I was always singing at home… I was given a karaoke machine when I was about 6 or 7 and I used to have all my friends over for a karaoke party and I just had so much fun but I used to get so nervous and wouldn’t sing in front of a single soul until I was about 13 when I got singing lessons. It took me about a year to get over my nerves, I used to freak out and have little anxiety attacks on stage. Then, I was so passionate about it that I started singing and writing my own stuff. I bought a guitar and a keyboard and taught myself simple chords and made music and it went from there.

What kind of stuff were you listening to around that time?
It kind of varied – I listened to a lot of old soul like Bill Withers, Etta James… I was really inspired by Amy Winehouse and Adele. I remember when Adele’s first album came out, she really interested me. It was so minimal but she did such crazy things with her voice and I was definitely very influenced by that.

What have you been listening to lately?
Caribou and Jacques Greene and Jamie XX, Little Dragon is my favourite band. Simon and I have a lot in common, we listen to a lot of the same stuff.

You’ve got your 7″ launch on the weekend, you guy must be excited about that?
We are, yeah. It’s kind of weird coming back and playing our own show again. We haven’t played our own show in a while. It’s fun to get some new material out, we always just want to play new material and see how it goes.

You’ve got Splendour coming up as well – do you think you’ll test out any of the new stuff there?
Yeah, that’s the thing, we’re getting our next EP together so we’ve been recording and working on that so we’re trying to do that then also find time to get the new material together. Of course we’ll play it and I bet you I’m just going to improvise crap on stage but it will be fun.

Do you have any idea when you guys might release the next EP?
We’re aiming for the next couple of months to put out our first single although we haven’t finished any of the new tracks yet so we’ve got a kind of time line together and we’re working on it full on at the moment so we’re hoping to get it done. We know the direction of it so it’s really exciting.