Interview | Unity Floors

A certain Gus Hunt and Henry Gosling might soon be coming to a floor near you! Sydney-based duo Unity Floors are about to hit the road for the release of their second album ‘Life Admin’. The guys were kind enough to take some time out to chat about Bigsound, albums on the road and drunken food decisions.

Congratulations on the release of Unity Floors’ album, Life Admin! Tell us about how this album came into being
Thank you! This album was the product of lounge-room hangouts for the last year and a bit, shooting the breeze, waxing lyrical, chatting about all things in life. How to make everything fit in/make the time was a reoccurring theme. Songs slowly developed with no real rush or sense of urgency. Quite a pleasant experience really.

You guys came to Brisbane last month for BIGSOUND. How did you find the experience and how many hands did you shake?
We spent a lot of time walking around. Which was great, running into people you know every 15 minutes. On tour Gus and I generally start each day with a “Hi how are ya” handshake – one for good luck before the show and one after for good work. So those combined with all the friends we saw up there I’d say the tally was pretty high. Couple of hi-fives also.

It’s been a big year for you guys – what’s been the highlight to Unity Floor’s year thus far?
For me it would have to be the set we played at Golden Age Cinema. The small mirrored stage, the curtain that draws back, two-piece suits. It was put on by a friend of ours and that show just had something special about it.

It’s late. You’ve just played a killer set somewhere in the concrete jungle of Sydney, but it’s now past the 1am Lockout and you’re starving! Where does Unity Floors satisfy a late night hunger?
For that to happen we would both have to be out past 1am with is pretty rare these days, Saray in Newtown is pretty good. Failing that I’ve learnt from previous mistakes and always travel with some instant noodles or cup-of-soup. All you need is some hot water and you’re good to go. Gus likes fruit.

What albums do Unity Floors listen to when the tour gets long and hungoverly?
It’s pretty much just myself playing “Love in a Trash Can” by the Raveonettes on repeat and Gus being very understanding/putting up with this, as he has now come to terms with the fact that this is the only song I will ever put on the stereo.

What can be expected from Unity Floors for the rest of 2016 and the new year?
Finish the little album tour with Melbourne this weekend (22nd), and Sydney the Friday after that (28th). See what happens after that I suppose, maybe go to the beach?

Unity Floors’ debut album Life Admin is available here