Interview | Snakehips

We caught up with Oliver Lee from electro-R&B powerhouse Snakehips, before the London duo kick off their massive Groovin the Moo tour + sideshows this week. 

You guys head to Australia next month and you were here last year – Apart from shows, have you got any plans while you’re here? Any touristy activities?
Every time we go, I always want to go to one of those places where you can hold koalas but I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. Apparently we have more time off this time so I wanna go hang out with some Australian koalas and do all that shit. Although, I did see that video where the kangaroo gets a dog in a headlock, have you seen that? I’m a little bit scared as well, I’ll try to stay away from the angry ones.

How do you generally find shows in Australia and the audiences here?
It’s the best, man. We’ve been out there a few times now. Generally, a lot of the music from our kind of scene and what we do, I feel started out in Australia. I just feel like people get our music and get what we’re doing out there more than a lot of places. The crowd is always really receptive and they know what’s up.

With so many hugely successful singles, how do you go about planning for a tour like this?
The thing about our stuff as well is that there’s quite a lot of different vibes and things that we have to get through in our set. We’ve done so much different stuff over the last few years so we kind of just play the bangers and fill it out with other cool shit. We just try to make good vibes and have a party (laughs).

What’s the creative dynamic like between you guys? How does your music usually come together?
We used to do a lot of stuff separately at first. We would start an idea by ourselves and then bring them together but more recently, we work together on everything in the studio. It’s definitely changed in that we both do everything now, there are no separate roles now.

You’ve collaborated with some huge artists – for instance, how did the ZAYN collaboration come about?
We wrote that tune with a couple of our really good friends Cass Lowe and Erik Hassle who are really sick singers and also songwriters… I think Cass met one of Zayn’s managers in LA and they said, ‘Zayn would be really down to do a tune with you guys’. We’d already started off writing this thing so we ended up sending it over and he was super into it and he did his thing and he killed it.

Do your musical tastes overlap outside of the music you make together?
Yeah definitely. I think what brought us together initially was that we were both really into Ja Rule and Ashanti and that was it – we knew we would be best friends after that (laughs). I feel like we do listen to the same stuff  but he definitely listens to more Celine Dion than I do. It’s one of his things but I’m not really with that so much.

When did you first start making music yourself? What was your gateway instrument?
I’ve kind of always made music. I used to write songs on the guitar as a kid, probably since I was 12 I’ve been writing in some way or form. It wasn’t until I could afford a computer to make music on that I learned how to use Logic and stuff.

You guys always have such great music videos – how involved are you in the concepts and aesthetic of your videos?
It’s really important for us to make sure the visuals match the music how we want them to. It’s cool, we always manage to get a nice aesthetic to them and the director that we work with can see the stuff that we’ve done before and enter our little world a little bit. We definitely try to involve ourselves in every step of the process.

After these tours, whats on the cards for you guys?
We’ve got a load of new music on the way so we’ll just be putting out tunes and touring. Just put me on an airplane and I’ll go play a show.

Snakehips Australian tour dates below.


Snakehips Australian Tour 2017:

Tuesday, 2nd May – 170 Russell, Melbourne
Thursday, 4th May – The Flying Cock, Brisbane
Thursday, 11th May – Metro Theatre, Sydney

In Addition To: 

Groovin’ The Moo 2017:

Friday 28th April – Adelaide Showground, Wayville SA
Saturday 29th April – Maitland Showground, Maitland, NSW
Sunday 30th April – Murray Sports Complex – Townsville Cricket Grounds, Townsville QLD
Saturday 6th May – Bendigo’s Prince of Wales Showground, Bendigo VIC
Sunday 7th May – University of Canberra, Canberra ACT
Saturday 13th May – Hay Park, Bunbury WA