Interview | Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective

A little while back we announced Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective’s Dead Gorgeous EP tour, proudly presented by Control. The quartet will visit Melbourne’s Old Bar, The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle before their hometown show at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane. We caught up with frontman Darcy Rhodes before the band hit the road next week.

 MCKC’s line up has had a few different faces come and go, who’s in the band now and what do they play?
The latest and greatest iteration of MCKC is: – Robbo on guitar and vocals – Gabby on drums – Eric on bass – Versace on keys, vocals and percussion – Darcy/Max Chillen on vocals and percussion …Unfortunately we didn’t make the change until after we had our press shots taken, so please excuse the misleading visuals.

‘Dead Gorgeous’ is your first EP, how did you find the whole experience of the EP coming together? 
It was really stressful at first – trying to work in studio with pretty strict time constraints holding us in a bit of an anxious chokehold. Thankfully we took things into our own hands, took a step back, experimented a bit more and made something that we’re quite proud of.

What’s the creative dynamic like between you guys? How does your music come together?
I tend to come up with a loose skeleton of a track (lyrics, some semblance of structure, and an idea of the ‘vibe’ I have in mind) which I then bring to Rob and Gabe, who form it into a more fleshed out song. Versace and Eric have helped us write one of our new favourite songs, which we’ll be debuting on tour!

2016 was a year of cracking releases, what were some stand out albums of the year for you? 
‘DARE’ by Northeast Party House and ‘Teens of Denial’ by Car Seat Headrest were definitely my two favourite major releases — I also enjoyed MOST of Childish Gambino’s ‘…Awaken, My Love!’. Locally, I loved Cub Sport’s ‘This Is Our Vice’, and we as a band STILL can’t stop listening to These Guy’s ‘Lunchbox’ LP — we actually have Joe featuring on the opening track on ‘Dead Gorgeous’, which we’re very happy about.

You’re sharing some of this tour with Feels Club – can you summarise your musical friendship in a song lyric?  
We’re super jazzed to have the Feelsies playing at 2/3 of the tour dates, we’re big fans of theirs. I reckon the lyric would have to be the final stanza from “All In The Family” by Korn feat. Limp Bizkit. I’ll let you do the googling. (ed: here if you have to know)

If in future, you were to call up Feels Club to support you on a national tour but they’re unavailable – and ps you also have a very decent budget – which band would be your absolute ideal back up? 
I reckon The Durries should reform.

What can audiences expect from your ‘Dead Gorgeous’ tour in 3 words? 
1. “We”
2. “Underestimated”
3. “Costs”

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