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Following the release of their stunning self-titled debut EP (2014) and Lay Low EP last year, Melbourne duo Leisure Suite have amassed a huge international following, caught on their unique blend of R&B fuelled electronic pop.  Returning this week with latest single, ‘Don’t Wait’, we had a chat with Leisure Suite’s Brigitte and Mitch and an intimate look behind the scenes with some intimate studio photos courtesy of James PDF

Hey Bridgette and Mitch! How are you both?
Mitch: Good…
Bridgette: Very good, tired and hungry 🙂

It’s been just over a year since the release of your Lay Low EP – what’s been happening in Leisure Suite’s world?
Mitch: I think following the release of Lay Low and after playing shows for that record we found ourselves in a little bit of a rut. We tried really pushing new music out however to us it seemed quite forced. From there we decided to take a little pressure off ourselves by looking at what aspects of music we enjoyed and what made u feel uninspired/uncreative. We both spent some time traveling and once we had reconvened the music we started to produce had a new sense of energy to it. As cliche as it sounds, I think by making music fun again, and truly making it for ourselves we were able to breathe new air into our project and we hope that comes through in our next few releases. Aside from making a bunch of new music, we’re also set to take our show on the road sometime soon!

You’re on the cusp of releasing a new single, ‘Don’t Wait’, will this track be part of an impending EP? How are you feeling about the release?
I think we would love to work on a complete body of work, whether that be an EP or an album sometime in the near future. We’ve spent a lot of time working out how we can lump our tracks together into that release format and I think in the past it has slowed us down in writing new material. For now, our new focus is producing as much quality music as we can and truly using our time efficiently and if that comes together in a unified concept then maybe we’d explore that but for now we’re just writing writing, writing.

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You’ve spoken about some painful experiences behind the music you’ve been working on recently and ‘Don’t Wait’ is lyrically quite raw and open which is true of a lot of your music – how do you find the process of taking your music into a live setting?
Bridgette: It can be quite challenging at times performing these songs as I feel like sometimes I’m forcing myself to relive these memories night after night after night. That sounds a lot worse than it is, but I think its a way of channelling bad emotions and experiences into something positive by pouring it into our songs. I guess it’s some sort of therapy of getting over past memories.

You were kind enough to send us some intimate photos of you guys in the studio – what’s the creative dynamic like between you guys? How does your music come together?
Bridgette: I think it all boils down to what kind of mood we’re both in, how tired we are – it’s all these small things that if aren’t aligned – nothing is right. It’s definitely hit and miss in our writing sessions where some days we’ll write a complete track in a few hours or there’s nothing at all for a few weeks.
Our sessions usually consist of Mitch playing a beat or a synth line and depending on the vibe I usually grab a book nearby and sing the words in it and start singing melodies I think fits.

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The artwork is stunning as usual and so fitting, how involved are you in the concepts behind the visual aspects of your music?
Bridgette: Thank you! Mitch and I really care about the artwork that goes along with our music so we’re quite involved with the concepts behind it. With every release, we always brainstorm ideas and send each other colours, mediums and images we might want to go along with our songs to make sure everything makes sense when it’s out.

Do your musical tastes overlap outside of the music you make together?
Mitch: Yeah, I think so! However, this really helps in the writing process. I find that by having varied tastes we bring in elements to the project that perhaps we would otherwise just not include. I think we have a lot of shared influences and I’m sure that comes through in the music, but yeah i think if we liked exactly the same things, we wouldn’t have much room for experimentation.

Who have you been listening to lately?
Ross From Friends
Infinite Bisous
The Sims 1 Original Soundtrack

Wun Two
Kendrick Lamar
Otis Redding
Paranoid London

After this single is out in the world, what’s on the cards for you guys? Can we expect some interstate shows in the near future?
New Music, New live show, interstate/international touring! That’s the plan at least.

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