Interview | Fierce Mild

Melburnian Shoegaze/Psych quartet Fierce Mild launched their double A-side singles ‘Astro’ and ‘College’ to a full house in January. In support of the two-track’s release, the band kicked off their debut East Coast tour on the weekend with a performance at Melbourne’s Brunswick Music Festival. We had a chat to frontman Troy Rainbow to get to learn more about the band before they head our way later this month. 

You launched your two-track in January to a full house, what was that show like?
It was awesome, it was pretty much full.We had a live VJ and visualisations going which we’re looking at integrating permanently.

What was the process of the two-track coming together?
The first track we had almost done before the group got together properly.We’ve got a producer, Ben Hollard. He’s pretty eccentric but completely inspiring at the same time. Jake and I started working with him just before Roly and Daniel came on board. Jake’s always been into his hip hop and that sort of stuff, you don’t hear it so much on the double A-side but in a few of our other songs you can hear some hip hope undertones coming through which sounds really cool.

Your east coast tour kicks off pretty soon, where are you looking forward to heading?
Brisbane! We’ve got two festival shows down here first. Brunswick Festival – they call it “a house party on wheels”. There’s an enormous amount of bands and they get together as a collective and book out big warehouse spaces. They’ve done really well with it, it’s awesome to be a part of that.

What kind of stuff did you listen to growing up?
I got a pretty heavy dose of classical music and rock music early on from my parents. My first instrument was the organ. That lead me into being into seventies rock. I think the first CD I bought was Zeppelin when I was about six. I had a bit of a virtuoso phase once I switched over to guitar I just wanted to shred and then I realised that it’s just shit. I took some classical guitar studies so I do really dig the classical side of things and the kind of experimental avant-garde kind of stuff… Julia Wolfe, David Lang, Steve Reiche. I definitely like to take more abstract and experimental sounds and throw them them into a more structured format. I’m interested in movement and sound installations.Do you find you guys have quite similar tastes in music?
We have our moments, we bond over some things. It can be quite divergent but everyone likes Tycho at the moment. When I asked Roly to ask the band was when we were at King Krule together…. We’re all into older jazz players as well as stuff like Wes Montgomery and Chet Baker. We’re always showing each other stuff because we do come from pretty divergent scenes I guess.Where did your interest in the visual side of performance come from?
I’m just really big into the visual element because it picks things up a pace for people I think. Especially with our stuff, there’s quite a strong narrative to most of the songs. They’re quite heavily thematic. Even if it’s not the same theme it helps to have a visual aid that can be a parallel theme. We’re not so much a band that you get up and dance to, you can a bit but it’s quite introspective so the visual element, I think, really aids it.After this east coast tour, what’s next for you guys?
The double A-side is probably going to form part of an EP which is in the process of being finished off now. So the plan is to do a broader national tour. We’ve got some pretty cool ideas for that – we want to do it in a pretty unorthodox way. Definitely, with the visual stuff in mind, some kind of combination of humans and visualisations at once.

Fierce Mild East Coast Tour

Presented by Bedlam Records, Control and Desert Highways

21st March – Melbourne ROCK THE BAY

27th March – Brisbane – The Zoo w/ Magenta Voyeur, Essick & Soviet X-Ray Record Club –

1st April – Port Macquarie – Pier Clarence

2nd April – Sydney – OXFORD ART FACTORY