Artist v Artist | Jesswar v King IV

Jesswar (left), King IV (right)
Jesswar (left), King IV (right)

Ahead of Brisbane’s Mountain Goat Valley Crawl this weekend, we got two of Australia’s finest, Jesswar and King IV together for an Arist v Artist interview. 


King IV: An artist you think should be famous by now?
Jesswar: My sissy Aywin. She’s a hip-hop artist from Brissy and I know she will be very successful real soon. She’s my favourite rapper in Australia. Y’all need to listen to her track Bitch Boy. It’s a vibe.

King IV: Best and worst gig, and why?
Jesswar: Best Gig – would have to be the lane way set we just played in Sydney. block party vibes . Sydney went off People were wild.
Worst gig – I haven’t had one to be honest. I’ve played many shows when the only people there were security guards and bar staff but Id treat those shows like rehearsals.

King IV: Was there a song of yours that made you realise your sound?
Jesswar: Savage. I definitely knew which direction I wanted to go after writing that song. My music now sounds completely different from 4 years ago but I hope it doesn’t sound the same in 4 years time. I want to evolve every project.

King IV: A feature on a track you wish had have been you?
Jesswar: I just wish I wrote every song on GKMC by Kendrick Lamar.

King IV: Musical guilty pleasure?
Jesswar: 1920s swing. big band shit. I froth Benny Goodman.


Jesswar: Who are you listening to at the moment?
King IV: Right now I’m going through this 80’s phase where I can’t stop listening to all the music from that era that was just made to make you feel good. I really love the simplicity of it all, songs by Michael Jackson & Queen that were made solely for the vibe and to get people moving. Some of that music was so incredibly empowering and I would really love to see that attitude come back and be reflective in today’s music more.

Jesswar: Kanye West or Taylor Swift?
King IV: DAMN. This is a genius question – it pains me so much but I have to say Taylor Swift, just because I can’t back industry douche-baggery. Sorry Yeezy :/

Jesswar: You’re hosting a Dinner party with 5 famous people dead or alive – Who are they and what y’all eating?
King IV: Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, M.I.A – My three biggest inspirations since I can remember, more than musically too, their drive is something I really try to reflect everyday.
Tony Robbins – Everyone seems a little scared of Tony Robbins, but he has a pretty awesome bag of truth bombs that really got my thinking on track the past couple of years.
Oprah – Idc how cliche this is, ily Oprah.  Aaaand we’re obviously eating some boujee-arse feast. I’m a relapsed vegetarian of 3 years so probably a lot of meat.

Jesswar: If You were a beverage what bevy would you be?
King IV: A dark malt liquor because I’m hard to digest.

Jesswar: If you could play any other genre what would it be?
King IV: Some weird Scandinavian folk where I can chill the fuck out, sip on a cup of tea throughout the set, and not jump around on stage for the whole set exhausting my body (jk I love it).


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