Artist v Artist | Felivand v ANNY

This Sunday, CONTROL teams up with Mermaid Music to present ‘Dolphinately Sporg‘, an afternoon of local live music at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane. To celebrate, we got Gold Coast duo ANNY to interview Felivand‘s Felicity Vanderveen over FB chat and get to know eachother. 

ANNY: When and why did you start playing?
Felivand: I guess I started officially playing when I was 7 when my angel of a mum took me to piano theory lessons, but I started consciously writing and recording when I was around 11 in garageband on an iPad. It all genuinely fascinated and excited me.

ANNY: What influences your music, and what kinda stuff are you into at the moment?
Felivand: It’s pretty obvious that most of my music is more based on expression rather than whether it’ll make you wanna fist pump or not ahaha. So I guess my own psychology influences my music. In terms of musical influence – definitely a smooth beat and a killer bass line always sparks interest, not really too fussed over who it’s by.

ANNY: What has been the highlight of your music this year? Any releases?
Felivand: I’ve pretty much spent the start of 2018 working on my E.P “In Bloom”. I’m reaching the end of the recording process so there will be a release-date announced v soon!! It will feel great to get it off my chest & play the songs at shows.

ANNY: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Felivand: This is actually such a good question. probably just hanging out with the other bands and having a vodka and orange juice tbh haha – i need to makeup a hand clap or something for sure?!

ANNY: What is your writing process like? 💖
Felivand: For some reason I can never write lyrics first, music always has to come first for me. I have so many unused poems/lyrics that just sit in my journal because I struggle to fit them in rhythmically. It’s rather unfortunate really haha. It’s just me hunched over my desk trying to make something that feels right in that moment.