Video Premiere | Bored Shorts, ‘Day & Age’

Christie Crawford

Today we premiere Bored Shorts’ music video for single ‘Day & Age’.

The adorable, sun-drenched visual accompaniment to Bored Shorts’ debut single was created by Nick Griffith of Big White and High-tails and also the newest addition to the Sydney band. Bored Shorts’ own Will Blackburn to explains how the clip came about:

“This video was shot in Sydney Park on a Sunday afternoon. Our friend was moving to New York (though he slept fine), and had arranged for some bands to play in the park as his farewell. It was a guerrilla gig, of sorts. It was also a piping hot content opp for us, as we could film all of our nice friends in one location without having to pay them a goddam dime. We then handed over the footage to Nick Griffith (Big White / High-Tails) who put his animation magic all over the place. You’ll notice there are 4 people playing in the band. The 4th guy is Nick, the same Nick that animated the video clip. He also plays in the band – contrary to our photos. Animating, guitar-ing – this guy is a triple threat! The third threat is knife fighting. There have been even more recent additions to Bored Shorts, but more on that later. We really hope you enjoy this short video presentation of ‘Day & Age’.”

Treat yourself to Bored Shorts’ video for ‘Day & Age’ below and be sure to keep an eye out for news of their next single release, coming soon.

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