Tour Diary | Babaganoüj in Japan

Babaganoüj share their tour diary and happy snaps from their September/October 2017 Japan tour.

Day 1: We arrive in Osaka and are met at the airport by the indubitable Hajime, who runs our Japanese label 2670 Records and has organised the tour for us. Hajime takes us to our apartment in Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme. and we’ve got a few free day in Osaka tomorrow before heading to Tokyo for the first shows of the tour. Tonight we head over to Dotonbori and get steaming pissed at a restaurant before going bowling with our beautiful friends from fellow-Brissie-band Lizzard Wizzard, who are just finishing their own Japan tour. We have *so much fun* even though our bowling sucks.

Day 4: Yesterday we made the voyage from Osaka to Tokyo on the shinkansen and got steaming pissed again at a restaurant in Shibuya before heading to a darts bar where every table was fitted with a shot bell that you could ring and instantly be delivered a round of tequila shots. We also met our touring companion – the incredibly talented perfect angel Steady Holiday from L.A. Tonight, we play our first performance for the tour – an acoustic in-store show at Tower Records. The show goes really well, and afterwards our lovely and very kawaii Japanese fans line up in a very orderly fashion so that we can meet them all!

Day 6: Last night we had our first plugged-in show of the tour, in Shimo-Kitazawa at a venue called Fever. As well as the ever-wonderful Steady Holiday, we were also treated to Tokyo locals Luby Sparks and Lucky Kilimanjaro as our support acts. Tonight, after a bit of shopping in Shimo-Kitazawa, we play a second acoustic set at a venue called Spincoaster near Shinjuku, the third show of the tour and our last show in Tokyo before heading back over to Osaka. Tomorrow Hajime will drive for the 7-hour trip through the stunning Japanese scenery, and then have a free day before the second half of the tour.

Day 9: Yesterday was the free day, which George and Charles spent visiting Hiroshima, while Harriette and Ruby stayed the night in Kyoto and relaxed at a sento (bath house). Tonight it’s our Osaka show at a venue near Dotonbori called Clapper. In addition to Steady Holiday, we are also supported by Crispy Camera Club (who probably win the award for best merch on this tour – we all bought a t-shirt each), as well as an absolutely beautiful band called Saint Romance, who steal a special spot in our hearts. Afterwards some of the guys from Saint Romance make us drink shochu which tastes revolting.

Day 10: Today we drive a few hours from Osaka to Nagoya. Shortly before arriving in Nagoya we very jealously drop off our manager Pat at an amusement park called Nagashima Spa Land which looks like Dreamworld on steroids, and he spends the day there with his partner, Jess. Tonight we play at a charming venue called K-D Japon in Nagoya. It has a mezzanine level and a very high ceiling, which trains run over every 10 minutes or so. We are treated to some more terrific support bands – Me In Grasshopper and Old Lacy Bed.

Day 11: After driving from Nagoya to Tokyo we head into Shibuya for our final show of the tour! We are joined again by Old Lacy Bed and Steady Holiday, as well as an awesome trio called Lucie Too. One fantastic thing about this tour has been the number of superb female artists who have featured on stage, and tonight George and Charles are the only boys on the lineup. The venue is packed and the show goes really well. Afterwards we head to a private afterparty at an izakaya in Shimo-Kitazawa, before most people fall asleep while Harriette, Ruby, George and Ritchie throw darts into every surface of a bar into the very late hours. Tomorrow we’ll make a very laboured, hung-over journey to Shiba-Koen park to have a relaxing picnic in the sunshine with Hajime and our new friends from Old Lacy Bed. Hajime will then take us to the studios of InterFM897, a major commercial radio broadcaster in Tokyo, for an interview. And that’s a wrap! For some reason we go home and watch Dumb And Dumber To, which is a total trainwreck of a film and we fall asleep Googling Jim Carey to try to understand where it all went so wrong. Tomorrow we’ll squeeze in a last little bit of shopping before heading to Narita airport and our flight back to Brisbane.


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