Premiere | These Guy ‘Over Before It Begins’

Today we premiere Over Before It Begins – the latest groove-filled offering from Brisbane’s These Guy.  The track laments the end of trip to visit a distant lover in India, set against an addictive beat and flourishing guitar licks.  We had a chat with frontman Joe Saxby to learn more about the story behind the track and what These Guy are all about. 

These Guy is a solo project – who/what does the live set up involve?
When it was just me, it was very lo-fi and probably not very nice to witness. I was just singing into a heavily effected mic with a sampler and drum pad. Kind of raw and maybe a little bit scary. It’s less so now. I’m just running an Ableton mix, playing a bit of synth, and singing with not so many effects. Josh shreds (guitar), and Eddie plays drums. I also dance quite a lot, when I feel like it.

How did the other guys become involved?
Josh sort of approached me about collaborating at the start of this year and I was like “ok!” I kept seeing Eddie around at shows and stuff and we kept saying things to each other like, “very keen to hear your new tunes man!” until I finally bit the bullet and asked him to be in These Guy. Now he’s in my band and I’m in his band (which is called Pleco)! It all worked out very nicely.

‘Over Before It Begins’ is about a trip to India, what was it about the trip that inspired the single?
I wrote and recorded the song with Josh in the first week or so that I got back from India. I was visiting my girlfriend, who moved back to Bombay at the start of the year because her visa was going to expire. I was only there for two weeks, which I felt shitty about in retrospect because it seemed like no time at all. That’s where the title comes from. It was a really great experience though, seeing Vidhi’s culture and the places she grew up, but I was just totally emotionally drained. So I think the “good times” vibe that the song has was me trying to make myself feel a bit better or something. Also Bombay is really loud. And weirdly glamorous, but also completely lacking in innocence, and very dirty. I think that all shines through in this song in some way.

What kind of stuff did you listen to growing up?
I listened to super shit music when I was growing up. Like Jet and Wolfmother and the kind of shit that was popular in 2004 for a couple of days. I only found out about good music when I was like 15. Radiohead, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, they were the main three that got me into actual good music. Now I have what could only be described as “superb taste”. But I think this song sort of sounds like aerobics music, or something that a young Indian cab driver would blast really loudly. That actually happened when I was there. This young cab driver had a really pimped out car with heaps of decorations inside it and he was blasting this horrendous Bollywood EDM stuff. It was really confusing, but my girlfriend just found it hilarious and said, “he’s just a party guy!”

What have you been listening to lately?
I work in 4ZZZ’s music department and curate the bi-monthly music updates so I hear more new music than is healthy I think. But most recently I’ve been really enjoying the new Homeshake and Julia Holter albums. The first song on the Julia Holter album in particular is incredible. It’s called “Feel You”. I want to live inside that song. There’s this lyric in the chorus that goes, “it’s impossible to see who I’m waiting for in my raincoat”. Who writes stuff like that? It’s completely insane. I’m also very into Sean Nicholas Savage at the moment, he’s actually a legitimate genius. Listen to “Chin Chin” by him, it’s gorgeous and perfect. He also has a new record out now. This is what I mean, there’s too much new music. I hate it.

What’s going to follow ‘Over Before It began’ will it be featuring on an upcoming EP?
We’ve actually been working on a full-length this year, so it will wind up on there. I think I’ll finish it over the summer and put it out hopefully early next year. I’m going back to India actually so I think that’ll help further the shape the sound and the vibe.

What’s coming up for you guys? Where can people see you live next?
We’re playing this Thursday night at Kerbside for that Scribble Slam thing, so that’ll be interesting. Keen to get “sprayed” by a “guy in a mask”. Then we’re launching another, different single at The Bearded Lady on 11th October with Feet Teeth and Simi Lacroix (Josh’s bemusing 80s-infused solo project).