Guest Playlist | Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective & EP Annoucement

Dead Gorgeous EP cover art by Zoë Fanning.

Currently hard at work putting together their debut EP, Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective‘s Darcy and Amber put together a playlist of tracks they’ve been listening to in the studio and talked us through their choices.  Keep an eye out for MCKC’s Dead Gorgeous EP, set for release in December.



Dean Town – Vulfpeck
Gabe introduced us to Vulfpeck over a lunch of fruit prepared by his angelic mother and it was the best day of my life. From now on I’m only listening to songs where the high-hat is played with chopsticks. And that BASS! Holy shit!

New York – U2
I think that the chorus of this song makes up for every pretentious thing Bono has done or will ever do. That being said, the lyrics to this track are ridiculous. My friend Russ (a bona fide New Yorker) and I love to pick on it a lot – it’s basically “New York for Dummies” in song-form.

Sexy Socialite – Chromeo
When my friend Lucy first played me this track I don’t think she could have expected that it would surpass ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears in terms of pop perfection in my mind. A dorky Canadian Jewish dude delivering hilariously Prince-esque lyrics over funk bass is my idea of heaven. Gabe and I want to cover this but Rambo thinks it’s too dumb (she’s probably right)

Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke Mix) – Starsailor
The songs that I wrote for this EP is a lot more energetic than I had ever written before. I realised that what I’ve always connected with the most is mid 2000’s Australian dance music – stuff like The Presets, The Veronicas, Rogue Traders etc. This track was a huge one for me as a child – it makes me want to dance but also sounds really grim, which I love. I’m just realising that I should have included a Presets song. Fuck I wanna work with The Presets.

Private Execution – The Drones
When I saw The Drones last year I found that Gareth Liddiard has this super intimidating vibe that makes you want to apologise for being within 100m of him. His songs are no less menacing. This track is sick and gross and wonderful and makes me feel like I’m being dragged away by harpies but I can’t stop listening to it. I love how The Drones use guitars more as noise machines than instruments. I’m a big fan of including harsh noise and weird ambient details in the mix of a song.

Into You – Ariana Grande
My girlfriend plays this song in the car a lot and I’ve learned to love it, although I didn’t need much convincing. Pop music is a wonderful thing and anybody who says they don’t dig Ariana Grande is a liar. I can’t get over how sultry those synths are. And the CLICKS ahhhhh this might be my favourite song.

Red Sails – David Bowie
Strung-out 1979 art wanker Bowie is my favourite Bowie. I don’t know what’s more iconic – the motorik beat, the guitar that fucks up within the first 40 seconds of the song, or the fact that half the time Bowie sounds like he’s not even trying. Whatever it is, this song shouldn’t be as perfect as it manages to be. We borrowed the intro for the opening song of the EP.


Idioteque – Radiohead
Despite obsessing over Radiohead for most of my life, I only stumbled upon this track a few months ago and have been binging. I love how the drums almost over power the rest of the instrumentation. The EP is taking a more electronic approach and this is my ideal drum sound if we were to go further into that direction. This song also gives me a weird 90’s nostalgia even though I barely lived through that decade.

Magnetic North – Soviet X-Ray Record Club
This song and every song from their album Wake is so rich in texture and full of luscious synth tones. I love the dark vocals and this band in general.

Just Like Heaven- The Cure
Coming in close to ‘Lovesong’, this track has got to be my favourite love song ever. (Ha). The abrasive guitar melody that never stops is so captivating and I love the lyrics. It makes me feel like Robert Smith is in love with me. What a dream.

Control interview/single premiere
Control Artist Portrait

She’s Lost Control – Joy Division
Before I was in MCKC, I saw the band play a show and cover ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart,’ and it got me super obsessed with both the band and Joy Division. I think I’m kind of drawn to the weird production of it, and how all the parts seem sort of strange but then work together so well.

Sexy boy – Air
I used to listen to this track a lot as a youngster (thanks mum) but I only recently started appreciating it for how fucking good it is. The bass line and synth tones are killer and who doesn’t love airy french vocals. Every time I listen I hear something new and get really excited.

Become What You Are – Merchandise
This song puts me in a happy place. The reverb drenched everything and Smiths’ like sound is belissimo. Great guitar sound and use of panning too. The 10 minute song never gets dull, and really peaks at the end when the synth comes in and the rest of the track turns to mush.

Elegia – New Order
This song is a spooky classic. Being a synth fanatic, I never get bored listening to the repetitive song, that builds in movements of texture and timbres. The guitar tone is really forward and clean which I love, and the harsh synth that comes in halfway through is the perfect tone.